Planning for the Closure

The Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology is here to support you in using Zoom as a tool to continue your interactions with students.

Zoom Considerations

Zoom conferencing software can be used to interact with students remotely. They can meet with you through Zoom even though you are in different locations.

For our students, we also strongly recommend offering alternative modes of interaction, like a phone number that requires less bandwidth. Some of our students may not have easy access to wifi at home or at public locations like the public library system. Instead, some students will need to use their data plans with their mobile devices while the campus is closed and Zoom can quickly eat up that data plan if you have extended zoom sessions.

Setting up a Zoom Account

  1. Create an account at by click on the sign-up link.
  2. If you mistakenly applied for an account at and have a Zoom basic account, you can still apply for an account by following the directions above.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation to activate your account. Once activated, you can sign in.
  4. When you first sign-in, click on Profile and your account should say User Type: Licensed and Capacity: 300. 
  5. Congratulations! Your PRO account is all set up! 

Self-Paced Training for Using Zoom

  1. Log in to MYCCSF Login Portal 
  2. Click on Vision Resource Center (Professional Development) Tile.
  3. On the Top right-hand corner you will see the Search box. Type in: zoom
  4. Click on the first result: Learning Zoom 
  5. Click Launch
  6. A video workshop will open up. It consists of 3 parts: Get Started with Zoom 2. Attend Meetings and 3. Scheduling Meetings and Co-host meetings
  7. Navigate the demo by clicking on different modules that are listed under the Contents.