Ongoing Teacher Training this Summer

The Office of Online Learning and the Educational Technology Department are here to support you in using Canvas as a tool to support your remote teaching. We have been offering a series of Temporary Distance Learning Training courses this Summer to better prepare you for the Fall semester.

Modes of Instruction

In planning how to work with your students, some schools are recommending that you use conferencing software like Zoom as a way to teach a synchronous class in which all of your students can meet with you at the same time even though you are in different locations.

For our student population, we recommend using alternative modes of instruction that require less bandwidth and also allow asynchronous activity. Some of our students may not have easy access to wifi at home or at public locations like the public library system. Instead, some students will need to use their data plans with their mobile devices while the campus is closed and Zoom will quickly eat up that data plan.

If you find that all of your students do have easy access to wifi, you could consider using Zoom, but remember that all of our lives have been disrupted and so your class may not be able to all meet you at the same time on the same day every week.

If you decide that Zoom is an option, and want to include it in your toolset, review this handout on using Zoom in Canvas which includes information on how to set up an account and view this short video tutorial on using Zoom in Canvas.

Canvas Faculty Resource Center

For more resources related to using Canvas as a face to face or remote instructor, visit our Canvas Faculty Resource Center. If you are an online instructor, visit our Onliner Lounge.

Live Webinars during the Summer

Because of the Shelter in Place for San Francisco County, we will no longer be providing face to face training in the TLC Lab in Batmale 313.

We’ll be providing live webinars to instructors through the Temporary Distance Learning Training courses this Summer.

FAQs for Remote Teaching